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A career in tax

If you have an interest in law, as well as finance, and are looking forward to working in a fast-paced sector then a career as a tax accountant might be for you. Many accountants choose to specialise in tax which is why ICAEW and the Chartered Institute of Taxation offer the ACA-CTA Joint Programme that enables you to qualify as a chartered accountant and a chartered tax professional.

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Key skills:

  1. Attention to detail

  2. Numerical skills

  3. Time management

  4. Analytical skills

  5. Communication skills

  6. Application of law

Working in tax

Tax regulation is not only complex, but it is constantly evolving. Tax accountants help their clients, whether businesses or individuals, to make sure they are meeting their legal obligations.

Responsibilities include tax planning activities, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance and adherence to corporate governance procedures.

On a day-to-day basis this could include completing and submitting tax returns, explaining tax law to high net-worth clients or ensuring that strategies are in place for proposed changes in legislation.

As an ACA student you might be asked to:

  • produce tax computations;
  • research legislation and recent legal cases;
  • advise clients on their tax requirements;
  • complete and submit tax returns; and
  • work closely with HM Revenue & Customs.

Why work in tax?

Alongside the opportunity to work with a variety of clients, a career in tax accountancy offers the opportunity to work in a sector that evolves and provides new challenges.

For individuals with an interest in law and strong analytical and communication skills there are many career opportunities as a chartered accountant specialising in tax.


of taxes were collected in the UK in 2015/16*

*Data source: HMRC, April 2016

Who can you work for?

Specialising in tax accountancy means that you will be able to work in any accountancy firm, as well as have the skills to work within organisations providing specialist knowledge of tax legislation.

These skills give you access to a large potential pool of employers from public sector bodies and global charities, to multinational consumer companies and local, specialist accountancy firms.

ACA-CTA Joint Programme

If a career in tax accountancy sounds appealing, ICAEW and the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) offers a course that enables you to qualify as an chartered accountant and a chartered tax professional at the same time.

Studying the ACA-CTA joint programme means you won’t study the same subjects twice and will qualify quicker.

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The joint programme also offers you the opportunity to specialise in one of three areas of tax:

  • taxation of major corporates
  • taxation of owner managed businesses; or
  • indirect tax.

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