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My ACA Experience: Thelma

ICAEW supports every trainee all the way to qualification to help them manage their studies and a work-life balance which is the most important. I feel privileged to be a member of this community.

Thelma Papadopoulou

Thelma Papadopoulou ACA Trainee, Deloitte Cyprus

ICAEW route: Graduate

Industry: Advisory

Location: Cyprus

Thelma's story

Why did you choose the ACA over other accountancy qualifications?

The ACA qualification is recognised throughout the world and offers an opportunity to everyone who is interested in having a career in different sectors, industries, or even countries. That is the reason I chose the ACA over other accountancy qualifications.

Due to the fact that the ACA training is a combination of studying and working, getting to apply what you learn in actual practice is amazing. Besides that, having the support from ICAEW during the ACA training, but also after the qualification, is a big help.

The ICAEW supports every trainee all the way to qualification to help them manage their studies and a work-life balance which is the most important. I feel privileged to be a member of this community.

Has studying the ACA helped you develop your soft skills (e.g. presenting, communication and teamwork)?

The most important soft skill I gained while doing the ACA was time management. I’ve learnt this both from work but also during the studies. Having a schedule which includes going to the office, attending the tuition of the modules and finding time to studying in order to succeed in the exams can be very stressful.

During the time of the ACA I’ve learnt how to make my own time schedule and stick with it. During my years at University I thought I had this skill, but ACA made me realise that it needed improvement and now I feel confident that it has been adequately developed.

Also, through some of the modules I’ve taken while doing the ACA, I’ve learnt how to express myself in a more professional way, which helped me a lot in communicating my thoughts and ideas to my superiors in the office.

How does being part of a student society support your work/life balance?

As a member of the board of CCASS (Cypriot Chartered Accountants Student Society), I can ensure you that it is a unique experience. Getting to know new people from the profession and organising different kind of events, it is a way out from the routine. Attending the meetings with the Board and getting to present all of our ideas make us more creative.

Socialising with people who study the ACA but come from different industries is fascinating. Being an active member of a student society helped me a lot with my communication skills, as we get to meet a lot of people; people who are one step before getting their ACA qualification, people who newly joined the ACA community and need support during their studies and we get to advice people from Cyprus who are considering to enter the ACA community.

Do you have any advice for student considering a career as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant?

If you are thinking to join the ICAEW and get your ACA qualification, do it!

It is the starting point of a successful career. Being an ICAEW Chartered Accountant provides you with many skills that are valuable for your personal and professional development. The opportunities that will arrive are countless.

Throughout the studies you get to learn about the accounting, economic and business aspects of a firm, while at the same time you develop your critical thinking. It is a strong qualification which is very valuable for anyone’s professional career and there is nothing to be afraid of as there is support from the ICAEW throughout this journey.

Thelma's Vlog | ACA Training in Cyprus (Lockdown Edition)

In this vlog we visit Thelma in Cyprus. She is training to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant with Deloitte. Join us as we hear what support Thelma has had from ICAEW Student Societies and her advice for students studying during lockdown. Studying for the ACA qualification means you will get leading support from ICAEW to ensure you have the best chance of passing your exams.

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