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MY ACA experience: Sofia

Sofia secured an ACA training agreement with PwC in her native Cyprus while she was studying accounting and finance at university. She says that her academic degree has helped with her ACA examinations and provided her with skills that were important in winning her training contract.

Sofia Papageorgiou

Sofia Papageorgiou Associate, PWC

ICAEW route: Finance degree

Industry: Audit and assurance

Location: Cyprus, Nicosia

Sofia's story...

Becoming an ICAEW Chartered Accountant was always my favourite option for my career, as the ACA is a very strong and prestigious qualification. 

As a graduate from the Accounting and Finance Department of the University of Cyprus, I was well prepared to start the ACA qualification. 

During my studies, I had the opportunity to get direct information from audit firms which are offering ACA training agreements. One year before my graduation I managed to get a training contract with PwC.

The ACA gives me the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of accountancy and provides the skills and knowledge for a fruitful career in the industry. 

This professional qualification is recognised and respected by many industries worldwide, due to the high professional standards and ethics training which are obtained during the ACA training. 

Additionally, once qualified we are supported throughout our career with development opportunities and assistance offered by the ICAEW.

The highlight of my career so far was my success in the Audit and Assurance exam where I managed to get first place and receive the Watts Prize. 

This achievement was an acknowledgement of the all of my hard work so far and it empowers me to continue my efforts towards my target of completing the ACA qualification.


The ACA examinations are very challenging and there is a lot of time pressure during each exam. Skills such as time management, prioritisation of tasks and self-discipline are fundamental to pass. 

My degree in accounting and finance has helped me a lot, for a smooth transition to the skills and requirements of these professional examinations. 

Having a solid knowledge of the principles of accounting, finance, business strategy and management made it easier for me to switch from academic to a professional qualification. 

Additionally, skills developed in university, such as discipline, teamwork and organisational skills are fundamental towards gaining an ACA training contract and very helpful in your development as a qualified accountant.

Anyone who is considering a career in chartered accountancy, must consider that this path is very challenging and requires a lot of determination. 

Discipline, hard work, commitment and responsibility are the key attributes that will help each prospective candidate to become a qualified ICAEW Chartered Accountant and build a fruitful career. 

Candidates must be also aware that this profession is very dynamic and even after they get qualified they must continuously enhance their professional knowledge and skills in accordance with the latest financial developments, standards and regulations.

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