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My ACA experience: Kishan Jasani

A partner at Grant Thornton, Kishan Jasani looks forward to going to work every day and enjoys working with his colleagues to find the best solution for their clients. And he says that’s all due to choosing the ACA qualification after university.

Kishan Jasani, Partner, Grant Thornton

Kishan Jasani Partner, Grant Thornton

ICAEW route: Graduate

Industry: Audit and assurance, Advisory

Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Kishan Jasani's story

Right after university, I was considering different qualifications that would help me kick start a career in public accounting. I was particularly interested in the ACA because I liked the holistic approach to the programme. 

There’s a lot of emphasis on analysis and creative thinking, which demanded that I should look at each situation from different viewpoints. 

Being in the company of distinguished, accomplished ICAEW members was also very inspiring; it made a huge impact on me and spurred me to push myself further. The camaraderie among ICAEW members also taught me the importance being part of a team.

I remember working through the night one time, trying to find a solution for a client. All of us were tired, but we wanted to come up with something the client would love. 

We discussed it from many angles and just then, our intern had a lightbulb moment which led to a genius solution! I felt so proud to be part of a truly talent group of people. 

The feeling of waking up every day knowing that it will be great, is something that I look forward to. Each client has a different challenge and it is up to my team and I to help them navigate through those challenges. And when we do, the sense of achievement is truly priceless.

Friends and family often tell me that I have been lucky to get to where I am today. As a partner at Grant Thornton, a leading organisation of independent audit, tax and advisory firms from around the world, I also head the Financial Services team. 

But let me tell you, where I am today began with one important decision – choosing to do the ACA.

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