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Campus Ambassador: Rohan

Not only did the role offer me personal development, but also much greater appreciation of and interest in a sector that I initially felt less aware of before entering university.

Rohan Chakraborty

Rohan Chakraborty

ICAEW route: Non-finance degree

Industry: Campus Ambassador

Location: University of Warwick, UK

Rohan's story

Degree: English Literature

The reason I applied for the role was I wanted to have the experience of being able to interact confidently with a variety of student societies on campus, as well as gain key experience in using social media and other forms of promotion.

As an English Literature student, I was interested in seeing how I could apply the transferable skills I have learned from my course to a new discipline but also wanted to form long-lasting relationships with ICAEW that will be invaluable after leaving university.

I am proud to have organised a talk with Warwick Accounting Society introducing ICAEW. Accompanied by my ICAEW Marketing Executive who described the journey associated with the ACA qualification. Other opportunities I have been involved in, include giving people insights into ICAEW’s amazing steps to becoming the first major professional body to be carbon neutral, along with contributing to research for developing new webinars and blogs for ICAEW Careers+ Hub.

What are your plans after University?

To be completely honest, I am still not entirely sure, and I’d be surprised if any university student was absolutely certain since life is forever changing! I want to go into a role that challenges me daily but also makes a social change. This will make every second at work fulfilling if I knew that I was both challenging myself and supporting others to face their own challenges.

What you learnt and skills you have gained while doing role?

My confidence in being independent and a self-starter in the tasks that I complete has significantly increased. I am the point of contact between ICAEW Careers and my peers and this was a formative point for me as I keep on learning more about how to use people skills effectively. It has given me an insight into the world of accountancy and finance and the areas that it comprises of and as well the vast social changes that it can make.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced within the role?

Being uncertain about how effective your promotion really is – because of COVID-19. It is really hard to blend physical and online promotion, especially since you can’t ensure that people will acknowledge and take away something from online promotion. Innovation is so essential to the role – you need to be able to take risks and go against the grain in terms of what you think are the most effective promotional techniques.

Rohan's advice to future campus ambassadors

Think about ICAEW and why you personally connect to them. You must remember that you will be having conversations on their behalf with a wide variety of people, hosting talks or making posts that require you to talk passionately about the brand.

I highly advise that you do your research and look at all ICAEW Careers social media channels; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – and establish what has motivated you to apply for the role.

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