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ICAEW has developed materials for teachers that will support the teaching and studying of mathematics in schools.

Illustrated school classroom to office meeting room imageAround 25% of questions in GCSE maths exams involve applying maths to real-world contexts and analysis of past papers shows that many pupils struggle to apply maths in such context based questions.

The material we offer focuses on financial examples in order to provide a real-world context and engage pupils in understanding mathematical concepts and is designed for mathematics teachers to make maths more accessible, engaging, and relevant to real life, whilst also preparing students for the types of questions they might face in exams.


The mathematics content is set to the new syllabus supporting teaching of GCSE (9-1) and also provides material for the Higher Tier. It is designed to not significantly add finance content to increase the burden of learning and teaching, but to use finance to illustrate mathematics content.

Each unit consists of:

  • A teaching plan
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • Task questions for teachers to hand out
  • Task answers for teachers to hand out
  • A supporting spreadsheet, as an additional resource for teachers

The units are flexible and systematic and uses a scheme of work (from Edexcel) that ensures correct syllabus weighting, pitching, and timing. They can be easily taught to compliment lesson planning at any time. They are as follows:

  • Linear Graphs - Wages and working
  • Interpreting and Representing Data - Going to university
  • Fractions, Ratios and Percentages - Going on holiday
  • Algebra - Running a festival stall
  • Multiplicative Reasoning - Managing savings, loans and credit

Get started

To download the free resources, please complete and submit the following web form. You will then be directed to a page where the units will be available for download. We encourage you to download/save the units or bookmark the page once you reach it.

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