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Campus Ambassador: Kristina

This role works on a basis of ‘You Get what You Give’- if you invest time and hard work you will see an extremely rewarding outcome. I’ve seen my confidence improve, expanded my employability skills and developed a wider network.

Kristina Kotouckova

Kristina Kotouckova

ICAEW route: Non-finance degree

Industry: Campus Ambassador

Location: University of Greenwich, UK

Kristina's story

Degree: Business Management

I applied for the role as I previously worked as a student ambassador for my University and I wanted to continue developing the skills and abilities, such as networking, public speaking, organisation, and time management. After reading the job role responsibilities, I knew the position would be a perfect fit for me.  I know this role was going to be a challenge, but I wanted to push myself to help me develop my professional and personal skills.

Since starting the role I have posted monthly content on multiple social media channels, primarily LinkedIn and Instagram and directly emailed students at my University. I have attended virtual talks, wrote research reports for ICAEW, and organised multiple Q&A talks for students with the assistance of the ICAEW Student Engagement team.

After graduation I plan to go into a management finance-based role. I feel confident about my prospects after completing an industry placement year in Finance and working as an ICAEW Campus Ambassador. I have been able to develop my professional profile through developing new transferable skills and develop a much stronger professional network which will help me be a strong employee contender once entering into the job market. 

What skills have you learnt while doing the role?

Not only was I able to help the students at my University but I was able to learn more about ICAEW with what I was sharing, attending talks and accessing Careers+. Careers+ gave me access to a wide range of informative videos, supportive articles and tips on achieving my goals.

My creative and innovative thinking has improved through this role. There is 80+ campus ambassadors and there has to be variation in regards to how content is promoted and shared. I also developed my interpersonal skills by taking the time to understand what students at my University require and relate that to how ICAEW can support them throughout their studies.  

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced within the role?

Having begun my role in the midst of a global pandemic, my options for promoting have been greatly limited. The inability to work on the University’s main campus and network with students, staff and other ICAEW Campus Ambassadors greatly reduced the ways in which I could promote some of ICAEW’s fantastic opportunities and events - bypass this issue was the biggest challenge I faced within this role.

Yet, by overcoming it, I was able to push myself and stay determined resulting in becoming more creative and innovative, while adapting to be able to work virtually in a role that is heavily based on human interaction, which has become one of the greatest professional experiences to this day.

Kristina's advice to anyone looking to apply for the role

Be innovative, determined, and adaptive. The possibilities to promote ICAEW are endless and you can thrive in this role but only if you push yourself and not be afraid to test out new ideas and communicate effectively with your managers and coordinates.

This role works on a basis of ‘You Get what You Give’- if you invest time and hard work you will see an extremely rewarding outcome. Within 3 months of starting this role I saw my confidence improve, I was able to expand my employability skills, develop a wider network on my own initiative.

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