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My ACA experience: Rosanna

After getting good results at sixth form Rosanna knew she wanted to continue studying, but the costs of university were off-putting. She decided that the ACA school-leaver programme offered the perfect combination of working, earning and studying.

Rosanna Manser

Rosanna Manser ACA Student, Calcutt-Matthews

ICAEW route: School-leaver programme

Industry: Various

Location: UK

Rosanna's story...

My view of accountancy was very limited before I looked into the ACA qualification, but once I did, the breadth of the qualification really impressed me.

As I carry on with my studies, I’m realising more and more how much the ACA prepares you for a huge range of jobs and provides so many skills. I have also realised that accountancy is not just limited to number crunching and spreadsheets!

I didn’t always want a career in accountancy, but as I neared the end of my sixth form studies and began thinking about my future, the opportunities provided by qualifying as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant became more and more appealing. 

I had done work experience at a firm of chartered accountants and that first got me interested in the career.

Though the learning aspect of university was very appealing, the huge debts associated with it were highly off-putting.

After getting strong results at school I knew I wanted to continue learning and developing, but I also wanted to get practical experience. An ACA school leaver programme seemed to be the perfect combination of working, earning and studying.

Because I am training with a small firm, I get to experience lots of different aspects of accountancy, compared to a trainee with a larger firm who might be limited to one department or area.

I assist my manager and partner with accounts preparation and also gain audit experience. I also visit clients and get involved in helping them to progress and grow their businesses.

Another aspect of my work is assisting the internal accounts department here at Calcutt-Matthews, so that I get a well-rounded view of every area of accountancy work.

For any school leavers wondering what to do, I would say don’t assume that university is the only option for progression. There are firms offering this opportunity to those of us without degrees.

If you are focused, determined and willing to put in the time and effort to succeed, then the ACA is the premium qualification to choose.

It allows you to gain essential practical experience, as well as technical knowledge, all while earning a competitive salary.

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