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ICAEW Campus Ambassador Training Day 2020

Welcome to the ICAEW Virtual Campus Ambassador Training Day and congratulations for being selected this year. We’re very excited to welcome you to ICAEW! The sessions today will provide you with all the information you need for your new role. Instructions for how to view the sessions are below.


The sessions today cover a wide range of information and will be delivered by members of the team you’ll be working with at ICAEW. This is a great opportunity for you to meet us, and learn more about who we are, our qualifications, and your new role.
Please note, it is compulsory for you to attend every session, as we want you to be successful during your time with us. You can access the sessions by clicking the appropriate links, and registering by entering your name.
11:00 Welcome
11:10 Introduction to ICAEW and the team
This session will provide you with key information about ICAEW, as well as introducing you to the ICAEW Marketing Executive who will be looking after you.
11:20 Introduction to Sanctuary and how to be your best
Sanctuary will go into detail about who they are and how to be your best when promoting ICAEW on campus, including some top tips.

11:40 The ACA and routes into the profession
Discover more about one of the most prestigious business qualifications available; the ACA. This session will also explore alternative routes into chartered accountancy. 

12:00 Introduction to ICAEW Careers+
This session provides an overview of ICAEW Careers+, what it is and how this free hub will support students with their skills development.


13:00 2020-21 Global Student Recruitment Campaign
Sarah will reveal our new 2020-21 Global Student Recruitment Campaign, explaining why we choose this campaign and what we want to achieve.

13:15 Social Media and ICAEW Training Vacancies
Nassim will talk about ICAEW social media channels and best practice when promoting ICAEW. Nassim will also cover our training vacancies website.

13:35 COVID-19 update and Role Objective
Akin will be covering Market Research, what employers are doing now, how COVID-19 has changed campus activity, and some of the activity ICAEW has got coming up. Akin will also talk about your key objectives within the first term. 13:55 Time-sheets and Close
This session is to clarify how to fill out your time-sheets and what we expect of you while you’re representing ICAEW on campus for the coming year.