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Compete at BASE - Singapore

Ever thought about what you’re going to do when you leave school? BASE is your opportunity to take those crucial next steps to making yourself as employable as possible. Whether you’re going to university, considering an apprenticeship, leaping straight into employment, or you’re not quite sure what to do next, BASE prepares you by sharpening your employability skills. If this wasn’t enough, there are some once in a life time prizes up for grabs too! What are you waiting for?

How does BASE work?

BASE Registration

Teacher registers your school

Prior to you being able to enter BASE, your teacher needs to register your school by emailing ICAEW's Head of Business Development in Singapore, Wei Luo Tan at weiluo.tan@icaew.com.

BASE students put into teams

Teams allocated

Your teacher will place you into teams of 4, although your teammates may not be in your class. You will remain in these teams throughout the rest of the competition.

BASE students take team challenge

Take the team challenge

In your teams, you will take part in an online game and prepare a presentation based on your response to the challenge so far. Your team will present your ideas via video link, as if it were to a live audience.

BASE National Final

The Winners

The highest scoring team overall will be crowned BASE Champions and win some attractive prizes.

Why take part?

  • Win attractive prizes.
  • Take part in the Junior College competition against other teams from different schools across Singapore.
  • Develop a range of business skills from communication and organisation to resilience and commercial awareness.
  • Find out about future employers and gain their first hand advice for a successful career.
  • Strengthen your CV and stand out from other applicants for the university places, future internship or jobs you want the most by using feedback gained from the competition tasks

How to enter BASE

Your teacher will have already registered your college. To register your team and start the challenge, simply click the ‘Take the challenge’ button at the top of this page.

Looking for more feedback?

We're giving all students the opportunity to take on the role of an ICAEW Chartered Accountant by completing a short, online game.

This is an optional extra for individuals who are looking to receive personal feedback. The game should be completed individually and will take around 20-30 minutes to complete.

Play the game

The game is similar to the first stage of the recruitment process and will provide good practice for you ahead of interviews.

Following the game, you will receive detailed feedback on your strengths. This feedback can be used for personal development, on CV's or in UCAS and job applications.