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Annual review 2015

2015 saw ICAEW grow and prosper in a world full of challenges and uncertainty.


Michael Izza, ICAEW’s chief executive, will be answering questions about the Annual Review and our achievements over the last twelve months in an online Q&A on Wednesday 18 May starting at 09:30BST. If you have a question for Michael, you can email it to chief.executive@icaew.com or tweet it using #askICAEW. We will ensure that every question gets an answer.

Building communities all over the world

We extended and strengthened our relationships with national professional bodies, governments and regulators around the world to advance the profession and to help sustainable economic development. 

Increasing the diversity and inclusiveness of our people

We set a new record for student growth, with our intake climbing to 8,256, and we increased the variety of routes into the profession. Our ICAEW CFAB intake grew and our BASE competition continued to promote the profession to young people. 

Supporting members

We developed services and resources available to support our members, for example, as a legal services regulator for Probate. We ran a major national and regional advertising campaign in the UK to promote the benefits of using an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. 

Demonstrating the profession’s relevance

We engaged on a range of public policy issues encompassing economic growth, skills, public finances and tax. We have increased our profile and engagement on these issues. 

As part of our thought leadership programmes, we have undertaken a project on assurance of bank capital ratios, responding to concerns of financial services regulators. We have also provided support to the Natural Capital Coalition, a framework for reporting natural capital. 

Investing for the future

In 2015, we started a review of our strategy looking ahead to the role that we want ICAEW and the profession to play over the next 25 years. We began a two-year programme to refurbish and redevelop Chartered Accountants’ Hall, enlarging the space available for members and commercial use. We generated an operational surplus of £0.3m and an income of £101.6m.